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Franchise Website for Yojie Japanese Fondue, best restaurant EVER!

Since I’ve been learning Unity, I wanted to apply my new skills to Magical Cakes. Unity has an Augmented Reality plugin by Qualcomm and is very easy to implement (so grateful!) So I took my little cutie bear I’ve been working on, and put him in Augmented Reality :) It’s super cool since Unity is a gaming engine, Magical Cakes will all be interactive. In these screenshots I have the bear blowing a little kiss (heart).. It’s very much in progress, but I’m learning everyday!!



This client liked what I did with, so I made him a similar site.
This was a fun little project I did for Andrea’s ( son Gabriel’s 1st Bday.
This was my little side project. I made these as Valentine AR cards for my friends… I was hoping in making this a little business and sell some to people who want them…

Project Specs

Name: Mendie

Time Frame: 1 Week (Feb 27 – March 5)

Objective: Created a Point & Click Game: Using a mouse, click and destroy as many shapes as possible to earn points. Created assets, GUI elements, scripts, scenes, and events..

On my Own: I replaced the sphere and cube shapes with 3D birds. I added music and clicks to buttons. I also added my own textures and backgrounds. I added more levels, each increasing in difficulty. Ducks moved randomly across the scene, Gulls would disappear after a set time, then reappear at random times, and Doves bounced in all directions around the scene. Added Instruction and Levels scene and made a custom crosshair cursor.

Software Used: Unity 3.5

Final Thoughts: I had a lot of fun creating this game… there were, of course, some hurdles to jump through like figuring out the more complicated code by myself, but it was a great learning experience.

Breakdown of Time:

Setup: 10 mins

Assets: 50 mins

Player: 50 mins

Enemy: 120 mins

Menus: 120 mins

GUI: 120 mins

Build: 10 mins

Review: 40 mins