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Here is a preview of the new project I’m working on: Bailey’s Big Day… It will be a new kind of storybook- part sing-a-long, part 3D animated movie, and part Augmented Reality. This is just a sample of the 3D Bailey model (I made and textured) in Augmented Reality. The model is interactive, so when you touch her she does an animation. Right now, the 3D model is unrigged/unanimated so the movement is a little jenky…

//Used Unity and the QCAR/Vuforia plugin for the Augmented Reality and game dynamics//

For the actual illustrations, I’m working with the amazing and talented  David Scheirer.

Early sample of Baileykins

It’s looking to a great start and the next steps are rigging and animating Bailey to do a little howl. Once this is complete, I’ll make the video, and put this project on Kickstarter :)

Since I’ve been learning Unity, I wanted to apply my new skills to Magical Cakes. Unity has an Augmented Reality plugin by Qualcomm and is very easy to implement (so grateful!) So I took my little cutie bear I’ve been working on, and put him in Augmented Reality :) It’s super cool since Unity is a gaming engine, Magical Cakes will all be interactive. In these screenshots I have the bear blowing a little kiss (heart).. It’s very much in progress, but I’m learning everyday!!



Project Specs

Name: Mendie

Time Frame: 1 Week (Feb 27 – March 5)

Objective: Created a Point & Click Game: Using a mouse, click and destroy as many shapes as possible to earn points. Created assets, GUI elements, scripts, scenes, and events..

On my Own: I replaced the sphere and cube shapes with 3D birds. I added music and clicks to buttons. I also added my own textures and backgrounds. I added more levels, each increasing in difficulty. Ducks moved randomly across the scene, Gulls would disappear after a set time, then reappear at random times, and Doves bounced in all directions around the scene. Added Instruction and Levels scene and made a custom crosshair cursor.

Software Used: Unity 3.5

Final Thoughts: I had a lot of fun creating this game… there were, of course, some hurdles to jump through like figuring out the more complicated code by myself, but it was a great learning experience.

Breakdown of Time:

Setup: 10 mins

Assets: 50 mins

Player: 50 mins

Enemy: 120 mins

Menus: 120 mins

GUI: 120 mins

Build: 10 mins

Review: 40 mins