Celebrity Pets: Unleashed (2016)

Game Design


This game has been my biggest project yet! I’ve partnered with The Dog Agency to bring this game about the pets we love to life!



Celebrity Pets: Unleashed is a fun adventure puzzler from The Dog Agency and Fluffy Wiggle. Run, jump, and avoid obstacles to complete the levels and make your way through Dream Land! Unlock Endless Play to compete with friends and see who can make it the farthest. Collect and play as all of your favorite Celebrity Pets and Friends including Tuna Melts My Heart, Chloe The Mini Frenchie, Smushball, Harlow and Sage, Diddy Kong, and more!


Implemented a lot of new stuff I’ve never worked with like Facebook SDK and OneSignal. Designed all the pets on Illustrator (with the help of freepik.com) and dealt with a lot of arrays etc.


Revamped from Bailey’s Big Day – a Successful Kickstarter I created to launch this game.

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  • Story mode with 40 fun and exciting levels!
  • Endless mode where you can compete with your friends!
  • Collect all Celebrity Pets and Friends