IGG Game Designer (2018-2021)

Game Design


– Create exciting gameplay ads to attract new users to our games.
– Develop and design idea pitches and stories
– Create simulations: include AI troop behavior, timing, and cameras.
– Polish product: arrange environment, VFX, and customize textures.
– Work closely with all teams to launch 3-4 gameplay ads a month.

*This is a very unique job in that we are essentially creating several unique mini games every month. We also are heavy in researching current gaming trends, and audience behavior.


Lord’s Mobile: Created Environment – Night/Day cycle, VFX, Waterfall, Town Upgrades

Mobile Royale and Lord’s Mobile: Created playable mini game – control character, multishot, rapidfire, summon turrets. Worked on Environment, customizing textures, materials, VFX, minimap, health/damage, spawning enemies etc.

Lord’s Mobile: Produced all aspects of video – idea/sound/UI/voice overs – Worked with physics – climbing/falling skeletons and boss, VFX, ragdoll, etc

Dress Up Time Princess: Customized outfits, accessories, hair, personality. Environment – stage, VFX, render texture output, lighting