Kawaii Clicker (2017)

Game Design


Kawaii Clicker was born after getting hooked on the super kawaii game – Happy Hop and trying to come up with a novel kawaii game idea of my own. After browsing on the appstore I noticed that clicker games were becoming much more popular, and since I already had experience developing them, so I thought a kawaii clicker game would be awesome! I submitted this work in progress game to IndieCade 2017

Game Objective:

Tap the kawaii animals to raise their happy meter to 100%. Once they’ve achieved Happy Time, they earn bonus points per second and click. Earn more kawaii points to level up and unlock new animals. Level up your animals and see the different kawaii outfits that they can wear. Tap two animals together that like each other and earn bonuses! Throw Super Fun Time Parties to activate everyone’s Happy Time and activate all their click bonuses together! Win the game by unlocking all your animal’s full kawaii outfits and new animals and outfits will be unlocked when you restart.

Every game will be different and you’ll always have different kawaii combinations to share with your friends and family ^_^

Game so far:

Animals: Fox, Red Panda, Panda, Bear, Bunny, Dog, Cat, Squirrel, Monkey


Clothes: 4 standard sets for Boy and Girl and 1 special for reward


Game Mechanics: 

  • Click to raise happy meter
  • Once meter is at 100% activate Happy Time
  • Happy Time will earn you bonus points/sec and bonus points/click
  • Once Happy Time is over, decrease happy meter every second
Super Fun Time! All animals will have their happy meter at 100% and every click you make will activate points/click for everyone! Also, there will be a special bonus % increase for points/sec and points/click. My plan is to have Super Fun Time...

Unlocking and Leveling Up

  • Unlock random animal and assign gender
  • Level up animals and unlock kawaii outfits




Visual Scripting using Playmaker:




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